Hi there! I'm Laura, the maker behind Indigo Botanicals. I'm glad you're here!

For years I struggled with eczema prone skin. One year I went to the Dermatologist FIVE TIMES for help with a skin condition, to no avail. Do you know what finally cleared my skin up? Not the expensive prescription creams I was given...it was discontinuing use of the drugstore soap I was using! 

I could not believe it. I had been using a brand of soap that was marketed as "Dermatologist Recommended" but it was causing an angry acneic rash on one side of my face for years. 

When I finally switched to an all natural, fragrance free brand of skincare, my skin cleared itself in 4 days. 

This got me thinking...what exactly is in the soap I have been using my whole life? Why does the type of soap you use even matter if you are washing it off of your skin as soon as you use it? Why had the soap I was using hurt my skin so much that even prescription steroid creams couldn't improve my condition?

And so...I started making my own soap! And the process is totally addicting. Soapmaking is so much fun! I love getting to experiment with different ingredient combinations, colors, and botanicals to create the perfect bar of soap. And most of all, I love making a product that is gentle on the skin, safe to use, and leaves my skin feeling BETTER, not worse. 

Thank you for being here, and thank you for your support of my small business! I know you will find a soap that you will love.