Hi, I'm Laura!

I live and work in Hoquiam, Washington with my husband Patrick, our baby Luna, our good boy Smokey, Bandit the cat, and the chickens. I love making soap because it is a way for me to elevate an everyday object with a very utilitarian purpose, and make it into a tiny work of art. By paying attention to small details and allowing ourselves little moments of luxury throughout the day, an act of self care can be as simple as washing your hands. 

I specialize in making Cold Process Soap, which is created by emulsifying a custom blend of nourishing oils with water and Sodium Hydroxide. The soap batter is hand poured into loaf molds, sliced after 24 hours, and allowed to cure on drying racks for 4-6 weeks before they are sold. 


Everyone Needs Soap

Self care and personal care should be available to everyone. I donate single use soap sticks to a local shelter in Aberdeen, WA which provides resources for people experiencing homelessness in our community. As my business grows I plan to expand this aspect of my Mission. Your purchases go towards supporting these donations, and hopefully giving someone a moment of comfort during a difficult season.

 Please direct all inquiries to:

Laura Likins 




Portraits by Juniper Tree Photography